Back To School: Princess Rush

The Top 10 Games for Girls You Must Play

Games for girls only
16 Jul  lens6 min read star_rate

Here are 10 awesome games that tend to be more popular with the girls. From Princesses to Ponies.. or Hairdos and Baking. There is something fun for everyone. Enjoy gaming girlies!

In saying that, girls and boys play ALL different kinds of video games. Whether it's actioned packed or dress ups.. there should never be a divide on what is 'appropriate' for a girl or boy to play. It is 2019 folks! As long as it makes whomever happy that’s all that matters.
The Top 10 Games for Girls You Must Play:

1. Back To School: Princess Rush

It is the first day of school for four girls. Time to help the very special Disney Princesses to get ready for their big day. Make sure the girls don't sleep in and remember everyone will need help with different things. Have fun!

2. Barbie Charm School Challenge

Help Barbie make her dreams come true of becoming a Princess. Charm School is the place to learn all the lessons needed. From easy to very hard there is definitely lots to learn. I know you can do this!

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